Roadside Assistance - Express Mobile Mechanics

Wherever you are, an Express Mobile Auto Mechanics and Auto Electrician service units are usually close by, so vehicle breakdowns are no problem.

Our fully qualified Express Mobile Car Mechanics and Auto Electrical team are trained and equipped with state of the art equipment to diagnose and rectify the cause of your car break down with accuracy and speed.

To get you on your way in a hurry, our service units are stocked with an assortment of:

  • Starter Motor, Alternator & Battery parts
  • Fuel Filters & Fuel Pumps
  • Distributor, Coil, Ignition Module parts
  • Spark Plugs, Ignition Leads, various Sensors etc
  • Fan Belt, Drive Belt, Timing Belt & Timing Belt Kits
  • An assortment of Hoses, Thermostat, Waterpump & Radiator parts
  • Brake Pads & misc Brake Parts & Fluids
  • Some ECU & BCMs
  • Miscellaneous Gaskets, Seals, "O" Rings etc
  • Miscellaneous Oils, Coolants & Brake Fluid
  • Pricing Options
  • Service Area
  • Car Makes
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